Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Fierce Warrior Lizard King!

     I designed my Lizard King Art Coaster to honor the fierce warrior Lizard King!  Lizard King was actually born in El Salvador.  His father was a great hunter and he would hunt for fish, insects and mice.  Unfortunately, Lizard King's father died when he was just a baby.  Lizard King's mother was called Mama Lizard.  One dark night Mama Lizard had a strange dream just a few weeks after Lizard King's father died.  In the dream, a Spirit Lizard told Mama Lizard that her son was going to be a great warrior and the king of all lizards!  She was told to bring her son to the South American Rain Jungle immediately, so Lizard King and Mama Lizard hid in the basement of a large ship and were transported to South America.  In the South American Rain Jungle, Lizard King and Mama Lizard stayed with a fierce tribe of warriors deep in the Amazon.  They taught Lizard King how to make a spear and they taught him how to hunt for mice, insects, fish, and other creatures.  Lizard King became a great hunter, he was very swift and had an incredible amount of natural ability!  The tribal warriors soon knew that Lizard King was very special!
     One night the Amazon tribe and Mama Lizard were roasting some game around the fire.  They experienced a tribal vision inside of the fire!  The Spirit Lizard was back and he told the tribe that Lizard King and Mama Lizard must go to the African Jungle immediately!  There was a group of lizards in grave danger and only Lizard King could save them!  The Amazon tribe built Mama Lizard and Lizard King a small boat and sent them on their way to the African Jungle.  When they arrived in the African Jungle, Lizard King fought valiantly to save the group of lizards from an attack of rats, mice, insects, and other creatures.  He saved the group of lizards and was named worldwide Lizard King for his bravery and fierce combat skills! He lives deep in the heart of the African Jungle to this day, along with Mama Lizard, and he rules a fierce tribe of combat lizards committed to protecting their land!  He is a fierce and brave warrior, and he is honored by all lizards worldwide! Commemorate the bravery and hunting skill of the Lizard King with my colorful & unique Lizard King Art Coaster