Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An Intense Crime/Drama Action Film!

As an Action/Crime/Drama, Kiss of Death starring David Caruso & Nick Cage is excellent!  Maybe one reason why this film is so good is that it is based off a 1947 film noir classic.  David Caruso plays a very serious and sometimes humorous role as Jimmy Kilmartin and deserves a lot of credit for an all-consuming performance.  Nick Cage serves up a hilarious & gorilla like performance as Little Junior Brown!  This is a gritty New York crime drama with great performances from Ving Rhames and Michael Rapaport as well.  I own this film on VHS and have watched it several times over the years.   For any fans of crime movies, this is one you definitely want to check out!  I have included a link to the Amazon DVD if you are interested in purchasing this wild film noir update.